Sunday, November 22, 2009

Booties, Snuggie, Blocks & Snowman

I finished up a couple of projects last night and wanted to post them today, before the grandkids arrive.When they get here, that's all she wrote when it comes to using the computer.I finished the granddaughter's booties.

They are really simple(no pattern used). Just a drawstring little baglike slipper. We wear them around the house on cool mornings, especially if the fire went out downstairs, and the floor is cold. When they get dirty, just toss them in the laundry. The same with the little bottle snuggies. Mom uses these a lot. She has to take different medications throughout the day, even when we are out on the road, so she carries a drink of some kind with her at all times. The little bottles stay ready in the fridge, so naturally they will sweat when she takes them out. This keeps them from getting her hands or purse wet.(She does slip them in a plastic bag.)The little blocks are one of my favorite projects. We had so many ends and pieces left over when the Amish built our porch on three sides of our new house, I could not bear to put them in the firewood box. I do love wood. I use it a lot in my crafts. Any way, I try to think up lots of ways to use it. The 4 year old grandson helped me with the blocks, and he got carried away, painting before I got to sand the blocks, but what the heck. He enjoyed it, and it didn't matter that much. That is one example of "Choosing your battles."The little snowman is another project. The grandkids and I use clay a lot, and this is one little item that survived. John gets as much fun out of smushing my clay projects as anything. I usually make him things that don't matter so much and keep my special projects out of his reach till they dry.Deer season is still in, so Pop has to make the trip to the woods, to check things out this morning, but since I must go after the kids, it is his day to fix breakfast. I get a little break, and that is a tremendous help. Till another post. Thanks for reading!

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