Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Free $40.00 Table

Here is where I am with my Sewing Table project. It needs a little tweeking, but it works great the way it is. I used it yesterday immediately after getting it together. I started a little quilt of sorts using up some of my small scraps. I loved the little quilt so well, I stopped working on it till I can decide whether or not I want to proceed on with it as a quilt or stop and use it as a runner for a table setting.If I make a baby quilt, I will have to part with it. I don't need another baby quilt. But if I make a runner, I can keep it to use. I know that sounds selfish, but I give away so many of my pretty things already. I read someone's blog lately, who had the same problem. She hated parting with her crafts after putting so much of herself into them. I know the feeling.Back to the table. After using the table for a few hours, I decided to get back at it. I debated on varnish or paint. I had a 1/2 quart of paint left over from previous projects, so I went with that. I am well pleased with it. Now my husband says I need to round the corners off, so the grandchildren won't hit the corners in their play, and hurt themselves.I will be doing that this morning. He plans to make some other minor adjustments on the table for me, possibly later today, after he visits the Flea Market, which is one of his favorite things to do every Wednesday.He mulched up some of the leaves for me yesterday, (that's normally, my job)so today,I only need to let my goats out to graze for about an hour then feed the chickens. After that, my day is mine. Barring any unforeseen emergencies,I can play amongst my crafts to my hearts content.

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