Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surprises Are So Nice!

Surprise! Surprise! I got the nicest surprise in the mail today after a long hard day of working up pears with Mom.Personal mail is so rare nowadays. It's usually bills or advertisements., but today it was a mini package with a booklet on Hummingbirds, and a lovely Thanksgiving card. I enjoyed it so, I decided I would go down to my work space and conjure up a card of sorts myself. The finished product was not as neat as I wanted it to be, but it's getting late and I wanted to finish it tonight. So here it is. Maybe my future cards will be a little more refined(I hope). If I continue on the path of card making in this manner, I may have to invest in a better camera and/or a lighting set up. You know Frugal Me.I wonder if a grow light could double as a photography light. I'll need to check into that. (Love you, Vicki. Thanks a bunch for the little gifts.)


  1. You are so welcome and what a delightful "Thank You" note...she is just precious!!

  2. I found the little girl pattern in some of the older things I've accumulated from yard sales, auctions, and friends.There were 2 little girls in the box and you could tell they were pretty old. I made a pattern from one of them and gave it a new dress and lace and she's holding a bird in her hand, instead of the flower the older one had held. The bird was a wooden button. I have a friend who collects a lot of similar things to what I use, and she gives me lots of things she doesn't want. Thanks to her, I have a wonderful assortment of goodies to choose from.