Friday, November 13, 2009

My Pocketbook Sewing Kit

I ran across this little project one night while rummaging through my supplies of 31 years, trying to get things better organized.I love doing little projects like this, but at this rate,I'll be 195 years old before I use up all my craft inventories. I really need to take on some larger projects.This project caught my fancy simply because I take some type of project with me where ever I go. I never want to be bored.When my hands are idle, I'm bored.This way I have what I need with me at all times.And I can use some of my pretty pieces of fabrics to make the covers. I made a similar case years ago, to hold the nail trimming kit.When the older daughter moved out and got a home of her own, she wanted to take it with her, and I never got around to making another. I have also made similar pouches to hold my calligraphy pen sets. It is much easier to find things when you get use to seeing them in a particular colored case.I plan to make more of these type of cases this winter, but you know the line from Robert Burns poem,"The best laid plans of mice and men."Things to tend to go awry. I'm enjoying this blogging more and more every day.Till my next blog entry,Have A Good Day!

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  1. What a great idea! I need something like that for my crochet needles. I'll have to think about it alittle and see what I have I can use. I also need to make something like that for Bec's knitting needles. She has all different sizes but, like me, has a hard time keeping track of them. Thanks for the tips!! xoxo...V