Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Handy Little Pouches

I am so proud of my new additions. I worked on these off and on yesterday, between baking and getting ready for the big day today.We will be spending Thanksgiving with Mom. Several of the family will be there. I fixed a sweet potato casserole,one of my family's favorites, and a Pineapple Cheese Ball, and a Date Nut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Those are my contributions to the meal.But while things were cooking,I worked on my little pouches. They are so handy to keep things in that I use on a regular basis, but cannot seem to locate when I need them. I have all sizes of crochet needles in one. Machine parts in one, and my bobbins in one. I love these little pouches. I get to use lots of my pretty remnants of fabric, and they are out where I can see and enjoy them while I am working.I have done the stitching all by hand, and I enjoy that so. I am as proud of the interior as I am the outward look. Is it wrong to be so proud of your own work? I guess next to some folks work, they are 'small potatoes', but I am truly proud of them.I feel I will making more of these this winter. Till my next post, Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. hi sue, You should be proud of what you do, it is a gift that you can do these thing, so enjoy them. I proud of what I can do and thank God for what I can do in every life. Connie

  2. Love them, love them, love them...these are just what I, I'm going to be copying your idea soon!! I've been trying to figure out how to make one of these for Bec's knitting needles. She has so many large long ones, her favorites, that she needs some place to keep them in for easy finding. I'd like to make it as a present for her and I've been racking my brain, so thanks for the ideas!! xoxo...V

  3. I saw these today...They really look nice and come in very handy...They could be useful for all kinds of things...Don't forget to put some in Redneck Christmas!!...LOL...LOL...Mary