Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Love My Pantry!

I've read over so many blogs from so many different folks, I cannot remember where I read about the pantries, but wanted to share my pictures and thoughts about mine. I think the topic was,"If you could add any room to your existing home, what would it be." and the pantry won out.That was the one thing I asked for when we rebuilt after our house fire in 2007. We rebuilt a very simple house, but with a full basement. That was another concern of mine. Tornadoes. I am so grateful for getting both. I use the basement now as my crafting area, and it is wonderful.The pantry has turned out to be a catch-all for lots of things, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It is in the Big Room. Most people have Great Rooms, but ours is to small to be that, so I'll call it my Big Room. The room covers half the main floor. It is a combination living room,dining room,and kitchen.This is where the pantry is located. When the double doors are closed, it looks just like all the other closets in the house,as does the laundry area, which is directly to the right of the pantry. (I hate not being able to place my pictures and wording where I want them, but I guess I will learn in time.Thanks for visiting.)

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