Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm So Blue!

No, I'm not "depressed" or "down in the dumps." I've been painting. I am truly a neat painter. Hardly a stray drop on anything. I'm gradually gathering things for my work space. There has been some talk of getting the Amish fellows to come and get it started soon.Who knows what "soon" means. I'll be drawing Social Security "soon".Nevertheless, I'll continue on toward my ultimate goal.I've inherited the blue rug from a brother-in-law. He got it in a package deal when clearing out an old house or out of a box collection he purchased at an auction.He runs across some good stuff now and then. That's where I got my little work desk.He only charged me $5. for it. I painted it cranberry with a natural top. It's sitting behind the shelves in the picture. I use it when working on small crafts.The little quilt I started(hanging on the room divider behind the shelves) inspired me to go with the blue.That color blue is so calming and peaceful to me.Funny how certain colors can do that.I go through different color stages. I'm in the blue stage now.It had nothing to do with the fact I had 3/4 of a gallon of paint left over from painting the roof of my shed.I have a blue hide-a-bed love seat that I will use in my space with the other blue items. Maybe one day soon, it will all fall together into a cute little work space.
I've got my fingers crossed.

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  1. Looking goooood!!!!!....I wish I had half of your motivation....Mary